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Indonesia: maximum risk due to the new eruption of Anak Krakatau

Potential problems for air traffic

New potential problem for airplanes and air travel in Indonesia as the alert level for the Anak Krakatau volcano was raised to its maximum after it first erupted on December 23, causing a tsunami that caused around 430 victims. The risk is that there will be a new eruption in the next few days and the geologists of the volcanology institute in Jakarta have confirmed this, from where the alert turned to the government agency for air traffic control that issued a ban to fly in the skies adjacent to the volcano. In the event that Anak Krakatau should continue its business, the real risk is that the cloud of smoke and ash that would rise could lead to the closure of most of Indonesia's airspace and the interruption of take-offs and landings from airport of the capital Jakarta about 155 km away.

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