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USA. Controversy over the appointment of Shanahan as defense secretary

Is it likely to increase Boeing's weight at the Pentagon?

Patrick Shanahan was appointed yesterday as the new US Secretary of Defense to replace -if the Senate will confirm the decision- the resigning James Mattis. What made this nomination of President Donald Trump so special is that Shanahan is a former Boeing executive, and this has raised more eyebrows to US observers and analysts worried -as reported by "Foreign Policy"-by the fact that this could cause an increase in weight -already important- of the aerospace company in military industrial policy decisions. Above all, there could be a "favoritism", even if the situation could hardly improve after Boeing has secured three billionaires contracts with the Pentagon in recent months, despite the considerable delays in the delivery of the new KC-46 Pegasus flight refuelling aircraft. the final cost has also increased dramatically.

The next step could be the decision of the Air Force, under pressure from the Pentagon, to request the purchase of the F-15X, or the new version of the main combat aircraft produced by Boeing entered service in the late '70s; an airplane of a generation previous to the current F-22 and F-35, but that would allow the Seattle company to continue to receive billions from the US government even after the new purchase of F/A-18E/F Super Hornet wanted by Trump. The current president has a direct relationship with the CEO of Boeing Dennis Muilenburg and with the appointment of Patrick Shanahan as Secretary of Defense, this relationship is set to become ever closer and could even lead to new agreements in the military.

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