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MC-21: will sanctions force to not use composite materials?

It could be a serious problem for the Russian plane

The composite materials for the construction of the Russian Irkut MC-21 aircraft will continue to be used, although there is a risk that in the future a possible sale abroad of the new generation aircraft may be blocked or hindered by the United States. Already in recent months -reported the newspaper "Kommersant"- the sanctions imposed by Washington to Russia have forced the supply companies (US and Japanese) to stop the delivery of materials to Aerocomposit used to build wings; the Russian aerospace company (UAC, United Aircraft Corporation) is trying to solve the problem and among the solutions at the moment there is also that of abandoning the use of composite materials. A road that would be travelled only and only if the appeal presented against the registration of a civil company as Aerocomposit in the list of companies affected by US sanctions will not be accepted.

Also because in the near future for UAC there could be many delays in the production of the MC-21 aircraft since there are enough reserves available to assemble just 6 other models, and to replace foreign suppliers it may take too long to penalize the aircraft in its next entry into the international market.

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