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US Shutdown: the inconveniences in airports are amplified

Long lines at security checks -VIDEO

Criticism by the workers of the TSA (Transport Security Administration) -as well as all the other federal workers- against President Donald Trump and the Congress, which due to the arm wrestling for the financing of the wall with Mexico, continues they are putting a strain on the financial holdings of many families. The shutdown, generated by the lack of approval of the federal budget, goes on for 24 days and all federal employees are not receiving salaries, so much so that only the TSA has recorded an unscheduled absence rate of 7.6%, increasing compared to 3.2% in the same period last year. Absenteeism due to both the difficulties for livelihood that many workers are meeting, who have explained to local media that they have difficulty even in making petrol; in addition to this, not presenting yourself at work is an extreme attempt to raise awareness among political leaders to unblock this situation.

The main problem is that if the shutdown should continue for a long time, TSA employees may be absent from blocking causing a paralysis of air transport since the federal agency ensures both flight assistance and security checks. So far the greatest difficulties have been only for the checks, especially in the large airports where they have formed long queues due to the lower number of employees present, obliging the management companies to launch contingency plans that also include -according to "CNN"- the payment of a bonus for TSA employees who will show up for work. One way to avoid greater problems, but the risk of paralyzing air transport is more and more concrete, even if the workers of the TSA could be precept and forced to work even without salary.

Below, a timelapse video of files at security checkpoints at Atlanta airport:

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