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Russia: there will be a new order for 14 MiG-35 aircraft?

It would be combined with that for Sukhoi Su-57

In 2020 there should not be only the Sukhoi Su-57 order, but the Russian forces could -as report by "Tass"- conclude an agreement to supply a new batch of Mikoyan MiG-35 fighter aircraft. The goal would be to have 14 new aircraft updated with the latest technologies, which would make the MiG-35 an advanced fourth-generation fighter like the future updates that the Boeing-McDonnell Douglas F-15X will have. Meanwhile, the aerospace company is working to be able to start delivering the first 37 MiG-35 ordered by Russia in 2019, which will be equipped with the new active scanning radar which -according to the manufacturer- could detect potential enemies aircraft in a radius of 160 km and those terrestrial up to 300 km, being able to engage simultaneously up to 6 at a time.

In addition to this new generation radar, the MiG-35 pilots will have a head-up display mounted on the helmet that constantly communicates with each apparatus of the aircraft, giving a clearer and more intuitive view of the situation to the crew (in the version two-seater), along the lines of what happens in the United States with the F-35. Also the radar track left by the aircraft during the flight should be smaller than that of the fighter of the MiG-29 family, making it -hypothetically- equal to the fourth generation aircraft used by European countries and the United States.

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