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Israel has opened its 2nd international airport

Today, it is the "Assaf Ramon", 18 kilometers north of Eilat

The start of international services in about a month. Jordan is worried about seeing its airspace violated

A few hours earlier than expected, in the presence of Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and transport minister Yaakov Katz , the "Ilan & Assaf Ramon International Airport" was inaugurated today, Israel's second international airport, located 18 kilometers north of Eilat, from where it will serve the city and the southern part of the country gradually replacing the existing local infrastructure for domestic flights, and the Uvda airport for foreign low-cost connections. It is expected that these two plants will cease their civil activities starting from next Spring, transferring them to the "Ramon", for the construction of which over five years of work have been invested over 430 million euros. 100 times larger than the Eilat airport, the "Ramon" has opened today the runway for arrivals and takeoffs of domestic flights, while the international service will be activated in about a month.

Some numbers: the structure will provide 600 jobs to residents of the area; it is envisaged that one million and a half people will pass through the airport for next year; the airport area includes a 3600-meter runway that will allow large modern planes to land and take off; the control tower reaches a height of 50 meters; there are 60 places available where as many aircraft can be connected to the terminal. The facility is dedicated to Ilan Ramon, an Israeli astronaut who died in 2003 in the space shuttle disaster Columbia, and his son Assaf, who died in 2009 during an Israeli military aviation exercise.

In the general enthusiasm for the opening of the new airport, the worry of the very close Jordan stands out. Yesterday, in fact, through the Jordanian media, the Kingdom expressed its fears that the aircraft going to the airport could violate the sovereignty of its airspace. Israeli air transport officials' response is now ready and sharp: "Amman has nothing to worry about, as it is highly unlikely that aircraft headed for the 'Ramon' will fly above the border with the Kingdom".

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Photo gallery "Ilan & Assaf Ramon International Airport" in Eilat, Israel, opened on January 21, 2019
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