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China: the first flight of the Xian H-20 plane this year

At work also on a medium-range stealth bomber

During the 2019, the Xian H-20 stealth strategic bomber should be carried out the maiden flight in China in order to allow the armed forces to assess the actual level reached in this sector by the Chinese engineers. The goal would be to put it into service in the next few years to be able to replace the dated Xian H-6 based on the Tupolev Tu-16 entered the Soviet fleet back in 1954. According to what emerged in recent months the H-20 should be all 'wing and would have a range of at least 5000 nautical miles (9260 km) without refueling in flight, carrying a significant number of bombs and missiles also armed with nuclear warheads. An ability that would guarantee the total deterrence to China towards the United States that would be so achieved -or almost- in some aeronautical capacities (USAF, US Air Force). On the Xian H-20, however, after the October declarations that had confirmed its existence, traces have been lost, so much so that it has not been presented -as expected- at the "Zhuhai Air Show", preferring to wait for the first flight.

It seems -according to the local press- that the Chinese aerospace company working at the H-20 is also designing a medium-range stealth bomber, currently called JH-XX, which would have a range of use between 1000 and 2000 miles boating (1852-3704 km). Airplanes that will allow China to increase military capabilities and make the "big voice" in the whole area of the South China Sea and East, as well as being able to ideally threaten the United States.

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