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China tries to sell the Chengdu J-10 aircraft

First markets for Laos and Bangladesh -DATA SHEET

China is trying to increase the sales of the fourth-generation Chengdu J-10 aircraft by trying to convince the Laos and Bangladesh government to buy them, in the hope of being able to persuade even Pakistan to close the deal. The Chinese move would be to try to find initial buyers who can demonstrate the capabilities of the fighter, which -according to Beijing- would be fully comparable to those of the US F-16 aircraft, the European Eurofighter Typhoon, the French Rafale and the Russian Su- 27 and Su-30. Airplanes that are used by the major aeronautics of the countries of Southeast Asia and India.

For China, Laos and Bangladesh, however, would not be sufficient and satisfactory markets since the two countries could at most order around 24 Chengdu J-10, a small and not significant number on the international scene. But if the plane proves to be truly reliable and up to Western and Russian rivals, Beijing could find new buyers, especially in Africa, where the need for many states to have a reliable aeronautics began to emerge. To achieve this goal, China could be saved because the cost of the J-10 is much lower than that of its rivals.

Below, attached the data sheet of the Chengdu J-10.

M/A - 1218199

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