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Nuclear weapons (2). Germany proposes itself for a conference on disarmament

Attempt to save the INF Treaty and maintain security

In order to prevent a possible risk of the redeployment of Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missiles (IRBM) in Europe and against the same EU countries, that could be a direct consequence of the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty, Germany is considering the possibility of organizing a disarmament conference next March. A summit to which all United Nations Security Council and EU countries would be invited, so as to be able to find a solution for the INF Treaty to remain in force and for the IRBM not to be deployed again. Also because the short-medium range of operation makes it almost impossible to intercept them and destroy them in the launch phase, and if it happens they would still create damage related to the nuclear fallout.

Also because, probably, at the end of the 180 days foreseen for the definitive exit from the INF Treaty of the United States in Europe will be deployed cruise missiles capable of striking the Russian territory, as well as Russia - "Interfax" - will do the same. This was explained by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, who stressed that "Moscow is already taking the necessary measures to ensure national security"; words that thunders with threats and that suggest that the 9M729 missiles -on the dock for the violation of the treaty- are to all intents and purposes of the IRBM.

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