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Elettronica Group confirms Great Place To Work 2019

For the second consecutive year the Group has obtained certification

For the second year in a row, Elettronica Group has obtained the Great Place to Work (GPTW) certification, the important recognition given to those organizations that are attentive to the quality of their organizational culture and their work environment. Certified companies incentivize a relational model based on mutual trust in addition to:

High quality HR processes;

Motivated people with a high level of engagement;

High attractiveness towards the labor market and the best talents;

People who are proud of the company and their work environment;

Productive, collaborative and innovation-minded people.

This recognition is part of the broader framework of a path aimed at excellence, not only in technology and production, but also in policies and practices of people management and welfare. The belief is that a good indoor climate contributes to improving the well-being of employees and is essential for the organization of work and for business productivity. In fact, Elettronica has activated a series of initiatives for employees that go in this direction, encouraging work-life balance, increasing the purchasing power of wages with the introduction of "flexible benefits", promoting wellness initiatives by offering them the availability of cultural, recreational and sporting activities.

These are initiatives that emerge with force from the internal survey conducted by GPtW Italy, where the level of attachment to the company is high and 80% of employees testify to it by declaring themselves convinced that Elettronica represents an "Excellent" employer.

Still on the subject of benefits, Elettronica stands out in the Italian rankings, 32 percentage points behind the national average of the participating companies and 8 points from the first classified in the GPtW surveys, thanks to 84% of satisfied workers for the completeness of initiatives taken. It should be noted that Elettronica has adopted a plan of "flexible benefit" for employees a few years in advance of the indications of the Ccnl Metalmeccanici, whose value in 2019 will be more than EUR 900 in total.

Another strong point on which the company has worked extensively relates to the "work-life balance" and flexibility policies, with extremely positive perceptions (95% of satisfaction expressed in surveys) on the possibility of abstaining from the workplace when it has need. Equally worthy of note are the favorable comments on the pleasantness of the working environment, both as physical structures and in terms of positive relationships between colleagues (with positive percentages varying between 85% and 90% depending on the themes) that contributed to create a strong sense of belonging among employees that, among other things, constitutes one of the founding values of the company. To further enrich the "employee value proposition" of Elettronica contributes to the introduction of the "corporate butler", a figure destined to support employees for handling paperwork or laundry and ironing services, the placement of an Amazon Locker that the convenient delivery and made on-line purchases, as well as the many cultural and entertainment initiatives promoted by groups of employees and supported by the company.

All data well highlighted in the first report of social responsibility that highlights the company's strong commitment to people: "Elettronica -Emanuele Galtieri, Director HR said- is a high-tech company that owes its important market positioning not only to the investments in research and development but above all in the passion, enthusiasm, sense of belonging and high skills of our employees. We like, therefore, to know that they feel in a respectful and stimulating environment. This same attention is a factor in attracting talent for us. Every year, in fact, the company looks for 40 young engineers to be included and we believe that in addition to the possibilities of professional growth, even a pleasant work environment represents for us an asset on the market".

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