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France: the ambassador in Italy recalled to Paris

The conflicts between the two countries continue

The French Foreign Ministry has decided to recall in Paris the ambassador in Italy Christian Masset because -it is possible to read in a statement- "the repeated accusations, the baseless attacks and the outrageous declarations" made by the Italian government against the French one . Attracted by the time of the inauguration of the current Executive formed by M5S and Lega that repeatedly challenged the policies of President Emmanuel Macron, and lastly the meeting between deputy premier Luigi Di Maio and the "head" of the movement of the vest Detective stories. The decision to recall the ambassador at home is an event that shows the severity of the moment and the minimum point touched in the relations between the two countries "friends and allies", so much so that the last time that a similar event had occurred was 1939, just a few months after Italy's entry into the Second World War.

A French decision that could have heavy repercussions both towards Fincantieri (on the Stx side but also on the joint venture with Naval Group) and in the industrial sector in general, above all because it is added to the consolidated axis between Paris and Berlin which aims to to exclude the other countries from any future defense project. The first point was the signing of the "Treaty of Aachen" between Macron and Angela Merkel which created an even closer relationship between the two states in the military and industry, and the signature was followed by the maxi-order of 90 aircraft Eurofighter Typhoon to modernize the aeronautics preferring the European aircraft to the American Lockheed Martin F-35 (despite having two operational capabilities and two completely different roles). The second step is yesterday's signing of the Franco-German commitment (with a minimal Spanish participation) to invest in the research and development of the new sixth generation fighter plane (Fcas); a project involving Airbus, Dassault, Safran and Mtu -and Mbda- will be minimally closed, effectively closing the way for the inclusion of Leonardo, which could have a minor role in this "European" program. The Italian company will also play a minor role in the Male Rpas drone, while it will be a direct rival in the helicopter sector, especially with what will become the new French-German attack aircraft, which will replace the Eurocopter Tiger in the future.

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