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USA: FAA will force to record the drone registration number

Only way to identify the owner in case of illegal use

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) may require in the near future that all drones (UAVs, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) for sale in the United States should have registration numbers affixed to the outside, so as to allow the identification of the owners if they were used in an illegal way. A decision that would be a step forward compared to the current legislation that obliges the serial in the battery compartment of drones usable in the United States, and that will increase security, after it has been repeatedly advanced by the police and by the intelligence the hypothesis that UAV could be used to transport small bombs carrying out attacks. Once this rule is enacted, however, another problem will have to be solved on a legal level, since many doubts have been raised about the legality of this univocal registration between drone and owner. What is certain is that a solution will have to be found because in recent months there have been many cases where the UAVs have put security at risk, especially in London, where the Gatwick airport has been closed for 3 days due to a drone in flight in airspace.

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