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Indonesia: 7 billion dollars for a new airport

Important investments for the future of transport

The State-owned company that operates 16 airports in Indonesia is completing a feasibility study for the construction of a new airport in Jakarta for which it will serve about $ 7 billion in an attempt to meet the increased demand for air links and to compete with the States of the area. An important investment that is added -according to the local press- to that of almost 300 million dollars for the construction of a new runway and a new terminal at the current main airport of the Indonesian capital. A policy that follows the one already undertaken by Thailand and Malaysia where the respective governments have already begun to allocate funds to build airports to support those in use, in an attempt to double the capacity and to compete with Singapore and Hong Kong that attract an increasing number of passengers.

In general, however, the forecasts give a substantial increase in air traffic in the coming years, so much so that around the world measures are being taken to increase the capacity of the airports so as to avoid being blocked by the system. To do this, important financial investments will be needed, as well as the government's willingness to allocate public funds for these important infrastructures, as regards both the possibilities to create jobs and to keep up with the times and with the countries potentially competitors.

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