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India: collision in flight between two BAE Systems Hawk

1 dead and 2 seriously injured

During the tests for the flight show at the next "Aero India 2019" two BAE Systems Hawk aircraft of the Indian Air Force collided. Pilot and copilot of one of the two British production plane were able to eject, and the component of the other Hawk died on impact. Some search and rescue helicopters intervened on the area to search the survivors, who were taken to hospital in Bengaluru where they arrived with serious injuries but not in life threatening. The acrobatic team (Surya Kiran Aerobatic Display Team) should have performed at the next scheduled air show in Delhi, but the incident will stop any scheduled performance. The reason for the collision in the air is not clear, but according to the local press it would seem that the pilot of the deceased BAE Systems Hawk has made a wrong maneuver by impacting the other.

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