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UK: law for extend the drones "no fly zone" on the airspace

It will be increased to 5 km from the airports

After the closure of almost three days of London-Gatwick airport due to the presence of drones in the airspace and that of a few hours at Heathrow, the United Kingdom Government has decided to extend the UAV interdiction zone to 5 km (Unamnned Aerial Vehicle) from the airports. A measure that will take effect from next March 13 that will extend by 4 km (at the moment it is only 1) the airspace in which it will be forbidden to use unauthorized drones, which would be intercepted and shot down by British police forces. The aim is to prevent an event similar to that of Gatwick from happening again, since in the 36 hours of interruption of ground operations there are about 120,000 people left, causing major economic damage to air carriers operating at the London airport, especially the low-cost easyJet. The Parliament's adoption of the law will probably follow a proposal to change the rules concerning the control of the use of drones, in an attempt to create a register of operators in such a way as to associate the UAV serial to a specific person.

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