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Would Iran take control of some US drones?

Propaganda move or reality?

Iran would -according to "Fars"- take control of some US drones (UAVs, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) that were used in Syria and Iraq. To be able to "capture" the Iranian forces would have penetrated the computer system of the US central command, so much so that the commander of the air forces of the revolutionary guards Amir Ali Hajizadeh announced that "soon Iran could understand how the computer system of United States". The Tehran agency has also released some videos concerning the capture -presented- of US drones in Syria, although similar films have also been published by some Lebanese agencies near Hezbollah. It could also be a propaganda attempt to try to prove the "power" of Iran, and it would not even be the first time since it is a precise policy of Tehran to try to maintain an important role in the region; along the lines of the various "new" fighter jets presented that are nothing but modified versions of the US Northrop F-5 Tiger II of the '70s.

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