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Airplane transport. From Belgium proposed for an European fuel tax

It would contain pollution, but it would disadvantage airlines

In order to "contrast" the pollution produced by air transport in Europe, more and more countries are considering the possibility of adding a surcharge for each connection, so as to encourage the airlines and the manufacturing companies to take faster steps towards the introduction of biological fuels and aircraft powered entirely by electricity. The problem is that a new tax could seriously endanger the European airlines grappling with an increase in costs derived from the increase in the price of oil, and with very strong competition coming from low-cost and foreign carriers, the which have "less scrupulous" governments on these issues. The proposal that comes from the Minister of Energy and Environment of Belgium Jean-Luc Crucke, however, goes beyond the simple national tax, because the Brussels government would like to propose to the Tuesday meeting of the ministers of the Environment of the EU countries to impose a European excise tax on aeronautical fuels. "You can continue to take the plane, but it will cost more", commented Crucke, without counting the problems deriving from a further increase in costs for the airlines that will -consequently- be forced to increase the cost of the tickets risking succumb against extra-European competition.

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