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MH390 Malaysia: will the research of the plane resume?

On March 8 (fifth anniversary) the announcement could arrive

The Malaysian government could announce the reopening of the research of the wreckage of the Boeing B-777/200ER aircraft -registration 9M-MRO- of Malaysia Airlines mysteriously disappeared during the flight between Kuala Lumpur-Beijing -MH370- on March 8th 2014. During commemorations in memory of the 239 people who died, the minister of transport should announce a new research operation in the Indian Ocean, in the hope that the plane can be found so as to put the word "end" to the mystery that surrounds it, as well as to try to recover the black boxes and check whether it will be possible to extract the contained records to be able to complete the investigations.

It could be taken up by the US company Ocean Infinity, which had previously searched for the wreck, circumscribing the area of operations to the Eastern Indian Ocean, since some wreckage had been found in that area. So far, however, no research -even the official ones- has led to nothing and this has made even on the plane of Malaysia Airlines were also advanced many conspiracy hypotheses, the latest of which would see the B-777/200ER be landed in a jungle of Cambodia (see AVIONEWS).

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