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Ethiopian plane (3): Europe does not ground the B-737 MAX 8

Boeing issued a bulletin to explain how to act in case of a problem

While the civil aviation authorities of Ethiopia and China have decided to ground all Boeing B-737 MAX 8, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has decided not to intervene even if it is monitoring the situation to assess whether or not to take a decision on the matter. The EASA -according to the press- would be in contact with the Ethiopian authorities and with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), following a "wait-and-see" line in order to understand if there is an actual problem for the safety of passengers before grounding the B-737 MAX 8. In Italy, however, the National Pilots Association has asked the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) to impose on Italian airlines not to use the B-737 MAX 8 and make the necessary checks to evaluate any malfunctions.

Boeing, among other things, after the plane crash of Lion Air had issued a bulletin and organized a series of meetings with all the airlines that use the B-737 MAX 8 in order to explain to the pilots how to act in the case in which the same identical problem had been presented. A measure also necessary to protect the finances of the US company, also in light of the fact that the B-737 represents 64% of the production until 2032 and were ordered 5011 copies worldwide.

On the incident yesterday morning in Ethiopia, the Rome prosecutors' office also opened an investigation in relation to the death of the 8 Italians, in a proceeding that will be coordinated by the prosecutor Giuseppe Pignatone and who does not currently see any investigated offenses or hypotheses.

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