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Boeing: delay in software update due to shutdown

35 days that have extended the certification time

The update of the Boeing anti-stall system software for its B-737 MAX planes expected in the "coming weeks" (see AVIONEWS) actually had to be presented already, but -according to "The Wall Street Journal"- this would have been delayed from the 35-day shutdown of last January. The blocking of administrative activities has made it impossible for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officers to continue analyzing the solutions found by the engineers and programmers of the US aerospace company, forcing them to suspend all checks on the steps forward made. Despite the shutdown, work continued to develop the software so as to prevent erroneous readings of the angle of attack sensors mounted on the nacelles of the Cfm International Leap engine that make the MCAS intervene, which automatically prevents a possible aerodynamic stall by knocking the nose . The system can be deactivated by pilots, and both Boeing and the FAA have issued a bulletin after the accident occurred at Lion Air's B-737 MAX 8 on 29 October, which was to be received by all users of the waiting aircraft to introduce the software modification that will take place by April.

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