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China: first tests of a hybrid aircraft

It would have been better than expected

According to the Chinese press, COMAC (Commercial Aircraft Corp) would have completed a series of test flights with the Linggue H aircraft, which has the peculiarity of being powered by a hybrid engine. The last test of this new generation aircraft would have taken place on March 10th and would have gone perfectly, so much so that the Linggue H after taking off from an airport in Zhengzhou, in the province of Henan, would have remained in flight for a few minutes without difficulty and the systems would have responded well. The aircraft has a wingspan of 6 meters and from January 2019 it would have carried out several tests in the last months, so as to allow the engineers and technicians of COMAC to evaluate the steps forward made in the hybrid propulsion since it is powered by batteries lithium and a hydrogen engine, through which the electricity necessary to maintain the charge is generated. Technology that in China expects to be able to develop and improve in the future so that it can also be used on passenger transport aircraft.

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