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Germany: software failure at Frankfurt ACC

DFS Reduce air traffic over the affected area

A problem with the software of the Frankfurt Area Control Center (ACC) forced the German flight assistance service (DFS) to reduce the number of planes in flight in most of the country this afternoon, because the area concerned extends from Lake Constance, on the Swiss border, to the city of Kassel, in central Germany, where many important airports for German and European traffic are located, including Frankfurt, Cologne-Bonn and Stuttgart and in Düsseldorf. The DFS technicians are at work trying to resolve the computer failure, while from the federal agency itself they have stressed that "aviation safety is not affected by this reduction".

The problem consists in the electronic visualization of the planes that does not work properly. This was confirmed in a statement by the DFS, where it specify that "the other area control centers are not affected by this software malfunction". The reduction in traffic was due instead to the need to work in cooperation with the EUROCONTROL network in Brussels because it is impossible for the Frankfurt controllers to see the data relating to the airplanes flying in the central airspace of Germany.

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