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Macron-Xi Jinping: 30 billion euros for 300 Airbus aircraft (2)

Today summit with Merkel and Juncker

The European visit of the Chinese President Xi Jinping continues, and he met yesterday in Paris his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron. With him Xi Jinping signed a series of agreements including one involving the aircraft sector which has an estimated value of about 30 billion euros. China has pledged to buy from Airbus 290 A-320neo and 10 A-350 in the coming years (see AVIONEWS), which -as Macron explained- "represents an excellent signal"; even if behind this agreement there are some problems due above all to the short-medium range twin-engine aircraft because the European aerospace company has a full order book and would not have the opportunity -at the moment- to open new production plants. Probably the orders will be completed in a long period of time and will also see the movement of the assembly of the aircraft also in the Airbus sites in China, so as to strengthen the bond with Beijing.

Today, however, a four-way summit is planned between Xi Jinping, Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel and Jean-Claude Juncker in which the basis for "a Euro-Chinese partnership defined on a clear economic and commercial basis" should be laid. The axes of this possible "collaboration" would also be an effective multilateralism and a common struggle for the protection of the climate and biodiversity; this is a theme dear to the European Union and little pursued by China.

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