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Roscosmos. Rogozin: "We work to create a fixed lunar base"

Program that will complement the one for the new space station

The Russian space agency (Roscosmos) among the objectives for the future has the collaboration with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to build the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway, from where future missions to the surface of the Earth's natural satellite will start and for those directed towards Mars. However, Roscosmos has also added to this program the one that aims at creating a surface base so that it can be used to carry out more in-depth research on the Moon. To explain it -at the Russian press- was the director of the agency Dmitry Rogozin who specified that cooperation with the Academy of Sciences is underway in order to find a way to transport astronauts to the natural satellite; considered the first step towards the realization of a real lunar base. "We are calculating the power that our rocket should have to be able to carry around 27 tons of cargo towards the Moon", Rogozin said, concluding that "it will be necessary to have satellites in lunar orbit so as to help navigation". This is a program that sees Roscosmos working with NASA, so that in the next 10 years, missions to the Moon can be redone to bring us back the man who has been missing since December 14th 1972.

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