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NASA. Bridenstine: "India missile test a danger for human flight into space"

400 debris generated by the destroyed satellite

Still critical of the anti-satellite missile test carried out by India: NASA director Jim Bridenstine also pointed out that "400 orbital debris have been created that have seriously endangered the International Space Station and its astronauts". Of these only 60 pieces would be large enough to be tracked and 24 went beyond the apogee of the ISS, becoming harmless, but this "is not enough" and Bridenstine -speaking live on the NASA website- specified how "these tests they are not compatible with the future of human flight into space, because it is not acceptable for states to create fields of dangerous orbital debris".

From India, however, they clarified that the exercise was carried out at a low orbit to prevent some parts of the destroyed satellite from remaining in orbit, but Bridenstine highlighted how this "has increased the risk of small impact with the ISS of 44%". The fear is that India may soon respond to other countries interested in entering the space race, with the real risk that probes placed in higher orbits may be destroyed, thus generating a "mined" field of dangerous debris.

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