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F-35 plane: first suspension in the delivery of equipment to Turkey

Last warning to the Ankara government

It was made yesterday the first step towards the definitive exclusion of Turkey from the program for the Lockheed Martin F-35 plane occurred because the Pentagon decided to suspend delivery of the fighter equipment, in a sanctionary measure caused by the decision not to cancel the contract with Russia for S-400 missile defense systems. Without the equipment needed to set up the F-35s, the United States has virtually blocked the delivery of fifth-generation aircraft to Turkey, in a decision that will remain valid until the first S-400 that it represents will be sent to Ankara the definitive exclusion from the program. A "warning" that will be reiterated also this week, when the Turkish foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu will be in Washington for a NATO summit and will probably be asked again to buy the Patriot system and abandon the Russian S-400s which could be used to compromise the safety of the F-35s.

In the event that the Ankara government decides to continue along this path, it appears clear and obvious that the fifth generation aircraft will be excluded from the program from Washington, but could also "compromise" Turkey's presence in the Atlantic Alliance itself. Since the S-400 could not be used in the NATO defense system. Furthermore, if the delivery of the F-35s should be blocked, the United States and Lockheed Martin will have to identify new companies interested in manufacturing the components now manufactured by Turkish industries (see AVIONEWS).

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