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Airbus: Chinese order for 300 aircraft brings together various agreements

Move to reduce trade surplus?

The order for 300 Airbus planes signed by France and China during the visit of Xi Jinping to Paris would be -according to some rumors reported by the press- in reality decidedly more limited, since other existing agreements and others would have been included in this. which have not yet been fully defined. The actual value of the agreement would therefore be less than the announced 35 billion dollars, above all because it would seem that the total figure (of 300) was inserted at the last moment and when already Xi Jinping was in Paris, while in reality for similar orders it could take months of negotiations. An agreement that can be defined as a "framework agreement" similar to that signed by President Donald Trump, in 2017 in Beijing, where different orders were combined for a total of 300 aircraft produced by Boeing.

From Airbus explained to "Reuters" that "the agreement creates the framework of approval for aircraft ordered by Chinese airlines, whether they already exist or future", confirming practically what had emerged from the rumors and causing a slight decrease (about 0,7%) of the value of the stock.

Not only, however, because according to some analysts the announcement of the order of 300 aircraft would actually also be a way to intervene on the trade balance since China exports to Europe more than it imports. A theme also beaten by the United States, so much so that in the future agreement that will be signed between Trump and Xi, new aircraft produced by Boeing will probably also be included in an attempt to reduce the surplus and to conclude the trade war between the two countries.

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