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Jet Airways: operating only less than 30 aircraft

The debts with the leasing companies are still not paid

The number of Jet Airways aircraft landed by leasing companies continues to increase and of the 119 fleets in the fleet only 26-28 are usable. 69 were stopped due to delays in payment of installments to landlords, while the rest -according to the local press- would be carrying out routine maintenance work. A problem of enormous proportions for Jet Airways because having few operational planes means revising the schedule, greatly reducing the number of connections available, which consequently reduces the revenue for the company, saved by an intervention by the State Bank of India (SBI) through a 218 million dollar loan. Limited funds that do not allow you to pay off all debts accumulated towards employees (who will be paid the monthly salary in December) and especially leasing companies, which respond by ordering the grounding of the planes after many months of insolvency. A road to rescue and relaunch that is increasingly on the rise, also because fleet aircraft will soon be practically no longer available.

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