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Russia: what destiny for aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov?

It could be dismantled soon

The only aircraft carrier in the fleet of the Russian Navy, the "Admiral Kuznetsov", -according to rumors reported by "Izvestia"- could soon be demolished, especially if the industry and the ministry of defense will not be able to solve the problem related to the floating dry dock needed to complete the repair of the ship's hull. At the moment Kuznetsov is stopped in the bay of Kola, also because after the accident of last October 30 when the PD-50 basin sank due to a power cut in Russia there is no way to be able to finish the work of maintenance; this is because the "aircraft carrier" at the time was built in shipyards in Ukraine.

Damage caused by the collapse of the dry dock crane was added to the problem of maintenance to be completed, to solve which would require around 1 million euros. It seems difficult to think that the Admiral Kuznetsov will be able to return to the sea by the summer of 2021 as it had initially been planned, also because from the Kremlin all the funds necessary for the modernization of the aircraft carrier would not have been allocated investing "only" around 380 million Euros for restoration work.

Should Moscow's decision to dismantle Kuznetsov come, at the same time the naval aviation fleet would also be dismantled -composed of Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29KR and Sukhoi Su-33- because it seems to exclude the possibility that Russia equip yourself with a new aircraft carrier in the near future, as this is "distant" from Russian military doctrine.

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