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Boeing-FAA: few funds at the base of the synergistic relationship

Impossible certifications without the help of the company's engineers

Despite the criticisms advanced towards the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) for how the certification of the Boeing B-737 MAX plane was actually carried out -according to the US press- the relationship between the federal agency and the US aerospace company could not change, keeping very tight especially with regards to the verification of the actual safety of the aircraft. This was revealed by the former Director of the FAA Accident Investigation Division Jeff Guzzetti speaking to "CNBC", where he stressed that "the lack of manpower and budget forces the institution to ask Boeing engineers to self-certify the aircraft systems and technologies".

A problem therefore that would be mainly of resources and speed in carrying out the certification, necessary in order to allow any aircraft to be used in normal flight operations. At the same time this synergy between Faa and Boeing raised some eyebrows in the United States, where some suspicions were advanced regarding the role that the officials of the institution had in not identifying the potential problem to the automatic anti-stall system of the B-737 MAX . A problem that would have caused both the two accidents that occurred on October 29 in Indonesia (Lion Air) and March 10 in Ethiopia (Ethiopian Airlines), in which a total of 346 people died.

To avoid similar new disasters, the Boeing board of directors announced the formation of a committee to review its processes for the development and construction of the aircraft so as to also find any necessary improvements; by FAA they have instead asked the Congress for more funds and a greater possibility in hiring personnel, this being the only way for them to increase the controls during the certifications.

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