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ISS. From Russia: risk of collision with debris from the satellite destroyed by India

Warning that follows that of the director of NASA

The satellite debris destroyed by the Indian missile could endanger the security of the International Space Station (ISS). It was Roman Fattakhov, a senior assistant to the director of the Roscosmos Situational Space Reconnaissance Center, that recalled the alarm already launched by NASA director Jim Bridenstine (see AVIONEWS), who during a conference in Moscow stressed that "the more than 100 debris left in orbit could collide with the Space Station at any time and risk seriously damaging it". A situation that could create long-term obstacles especially if these missile tests were to continue ever more in the future, as India could be followed by evidence from Russia, China and the United States interested in maintaining the role of superpowers in the field space. From Delhi, however, on several occasions they pointed out that all the debris will re-enter the atmosphere, but almost a month after the test (see AVIONEWS) it seems that the same identical situation as in 2007 is re-emerging when China destroyed a satellite creating a cloud of debris still "trapped" in Earth's orbit.

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