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USA: maxi-exercise with two aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean

First time since 2016

For the first time since 2016, two US Navy aircraft carrier groups -the USS "Abraham Lincoln" and the USS "John C. Stennis"- have initiated a joint training maneuver in the Mediterranean, during which the 10 warships, the 9,000 sailors and 130 embarked aircraft will practice to deal with different types of operations. Exercises that -according to the words of the US Ambassador in Russia John Huntsman- are also addressing Russia that "if it wants to improve relations with Washington it must stop all the destabilization activities it is carrying out in the world".

It is not the only "warning", however, because in recent weeks there has also been an increase in operations with drones and with maritime patrol aircraft in the Black Sea area and the Baltic Sea, in actions that according to Moscow are a clear "threat" to Russian security. On the other hand, NATO and the United States have emphasized that training at sea and reconnaissance from the air are necessary to prevent any aggression by Russia.

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