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Nato ships enter the Baltic Sea led by a Danish frigate

Moscow observes calling action a "psychological pressure"

According to what the Russian press reported this morning, a group of NATO ships led by the Danish frigate "Tethis" class entered the waters of the Baltic Sea, kept under observation by Moscow, which considers the maneuver a "psychological pressure as happened recently in the Black Sea" . Following the "Tethis" there are minesweepers from Holland, Germany, Belgium and Norway, that after crossing the Oresund Strait on Wednesday night, are now at the Danish island of Bornholm.

Recently Valery Gerasimov, chief of Staff of the Russian armed forces, recognizing in the operation the clear intention by Washington and Brussels to strengthen their military capacity and presence in the Baltic, had invited NATO to stop military activity on its borders to reduce tension. Added to this that already in mid-April the American "Gravely" destroyer had also entered those waters, at the head of a group of Nato ships among which, in its wake, the Polish "Pulaski", the Turkish "Gekova" and the Spanish "Juan de Borbon".

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