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Missiles: Ankara still a niche between the S-400 and the Patriot

The Minister of Defense Akar: more advantageous than the previous US offer

Ankara, apparently the eternal undecided, fought between the Western and Middle Eastern worlds, and between Washington and Moscow, is not denying even with regard to the affair of the S-400 anti-aircraft weapon system that it should acquire as agreed by Russia. Only a few days ago, in fact, the same President Erdogan from the Istanbul Defense Industry Exhibition had addressed even not so veiled threats towards the United States if they had implemented retaliation to the delivery in Turkey of the first Russian S-400, or the exclusion of Turkey from one of the most sensitive American programs, that of the Lockheed Martin F-35 aircraft: "without Turkey the program for the F-35 airplane will be condemned to failure", he had said. It therefore seemed that the choice between the Russian system and the Patriot one offered by the Americans as an alternative was made.

But today Ankara is back to reshuffling the cards. Specifically, it is the Defense Minister Hulusi Akar who in an interview with the Turkish television channel "NTV" stated that the purchase of the S-400s does not mean that Turkey will distance itself from NATO. And in this regard he also made it clear that Washington's latest offer regarding the Patriots was decidedly more advantageous than the previous ones. Words therefore that do not exclude a potential rethinking?

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