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SSJ-100 airplane tragedy (2): passenger filmed flames on the wing

A tongue of fire on the runway shows a tank breaking -VIDEO

Perhaps it will help the Investigation Commission established tonight by Russian Prime Minister Medvedev the video that started circulating on the web in these hours, showing how the left wing of Aeroflot's Superjet 100 is surrounded by flames while the plane is running for landing in Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport, on its second attempt to touch down in an emergency. Once the fire that enveloped most of the rear section of the aircraft was extinguished, 41 victims (one of the 5 crewmembers and 40 passengers) were counted among the 78 people on board.

The SSJ had taken off from Moscow at a time of Murmansk -SU1492- when the pilot after 28 minutes of flight reversed course shortly after and asked to land in an emergency, perhaps because it was struck by lightning. The first attempt failed due to bad weather. Among the causes of the fire that devastated the plane would seem to take value that already anticipated by AVIONEWS, or a hard landing that would have triggered sparks and therefore flames in the tanks still full of the fuel necessary to make the route to Murmansk. Specifically, the impact with the runway according to the investigators would have damaged one of the tanks causing the leakage of the fuel that immediately caught fire, as evidenced by the long tongue of fire that the aircraft leaves in its run on the runway. The aircraft, registration number RA-89098, had made its first flight in 2017 and was completely destroyed.

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Below, the video shot by a passenger aboard Aeroflot's SSJ-100:

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AVIONEWS - World Aeronautical Press Agency