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Elettronica Group participates at "Imdex Asia 2019" (14-16 May)

With a leading presence in the country

Elettronica Group attends "IMDEX Asia 2019", the event that the Changi Exhibition Center of Singapore will host from 14 to 16 May. 

Elettronica Group’s participation will serve the purposes of consolidating its brand in a rapidly growing global area, distinguishing itself on the topic of general and maritime safety. The Italian company has its own branch in Singapore since 2015. The city represents a strategic area in growth objectives, with medium and long-term business opportunities, due to the attractiveness of the global market and because it is a strategic hub for expansion in the Asia-Pacific region. Elettronica faces the "IMDEX" with a completely renewed brand identity to better enhance its three industrial assets: Elettronica SpA (Electronic Warfare), Elettronica GmbH (Homeland Security & EW) and CY4GATE (Cyber Warfare).

Naval Capabilities 

"IMDEX Asia" will also offer Elettronica Group the opportunity to showcase the advanced EW suite for naval applications, initially developed from Italian Navy PPA vessel requirements. The core component of the suite is the EW Manager (EWMU), a computer-aided C2 fully dedicated to the EW layer and functionally integrating the EW subsystems making the suite a System of Systems. Furthermore, the inclusion of an EW Manager provides an additional optimization of the EW management unit (sensor and countermeasures), based on signal correlation and fusion, threat situation, and mission status. The EWMU functionally integrates the ELT\33 CESM, ZEUS/VIRGIULIUS RECM/RESM capabilities and in, the near future the DIRCM in the naval configuration.

The ELT\332 is part of a new generation software/firmware defined sensor designed for fast real time interception, direction finding and automatic classification of complex broadband communication signals. 

VIRGILIUS/ZEUS architectures are suitable for any combat or multirole platform, including naval surface/submarine platforms. VIRGILIUS is conceived to perform emitter detection, classification, identification and to counter a large variety of threats including: radar controlled Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA), Surface-to-Air Missiles (SAM), Air-to-Air Missiles (AAM), Early Warning, Search radars and modern Multifunction LPI Radars


The Anti-Drone Interception Acquisition and Neutralization is an advanced anti-drone system dedicated to the protection of critical infrastructures and public areas during public events and civil airspace from hostile mini and micro drones threats. It is able to operate effectively in urban, rural and in military operations theaters with the aim of protecting a site, structures of strategic importance (such as an airport, a barracks or a power plant), a public or religious event with presence of a crowd, a convoy or a military camp. The system has a multi-sensor and multi-domain architecture suitable for complex scenarios and numerous types of constantly evolving threats. Adrian guarantees a high probability of interception and stands out for its high flexibility and scalability to guarantee operational effectiveness while minimizing acquisition and maintenance costs. It is capable of detecting the threat, discriminating it, identifying it and tracing it continuously, and then neutralizing it by minimizing the side effects. It consists of active (radar) and passive (radio direction finder, EO/IR and acoustic) sensors, a control link jammer and GNSS signal with selective and controlled contrast capability and a Command Station with data fusion, presentation on cartographic map and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning algorithms to support the operator's decision and responsiveness.

Photo gallery Stand of Elettronica Group at "IMDEX Asia 2019" (May 14-16 in Singapore)
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