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600 million of passengers transported in 2018

China's impressive growth in aircraft and transport

In 2017, China could count about 3290 aircraft for a total of over 9 million flight hours, mainly on domestic routes. Only 2 million hours for international traffic, the most profitable.

Already in 2018 the fleet reached nearly 4000 airplanes with an increase of 9% on an annual basis. For flight hours in 2017 there was an increase of 8.4% for domestic flights while, for international routes, the increase was over 10%. Today we can say that China is the second market in the world for both passenger and cargo air transport. In the next programs, up to 2035, there is the construction of 216 new airports to be able to adapt traffic to the needs of the country. Just to give an example, Italy has 42 airports, perhaps too many given the size and orographic aspect of the country.

The explosion in air traffic demand is also determined by the population numbers. It is estimated that China has 1.4 billion inhabitants against the US with 325 million and Europe with 550. The increase in internal traffic is determined by the industrialization of the country which over the last 20 years has seen a slow but progressive migration of the population towards the cities. Authoritative sources tell us that for the next 20 years Beijing will purchase 7690 new aircraft for a value of 1200 billion US dollars (US $). China has 70 carriers including Macao and Hong Kong special administration regions. The most common aircraft in its fleet are Boeing and Airbus with a lower presence of CRJ-200, ERJ-145 and MA-60. The aviation company Comac has already signed collaboration agreements with western producers, in particular it will directly build in China the A-320s ordered by Airbus, in addition to the construction of Chinese airplanes such as the ARJ-21, C-919, the C-929 and the C-939. All aircraft from 70/100 up to 400 seats. The numbers of the aeronautical business are impressive and related to continuous growth. Returning to the problems of the Italian airlines and to the problems of air transport in general, we realize how small we are and how much we have to change and run to keep up with industrial and technological changes in the world. Alitalia, which is always waiting for an industrial solution, has always maintained that it wants to increase the long haul with a vision towards the Americas. Here comes the hypothesis agreement with Delta. But at the same time, on May 14th, Minister Di Maio said that the Alitalia routes should be strengthened towards the East and Beijing in particular. Example: the relationship between Italy and France in flights to Beijing is 1 to 10. Shared. But it is necessary to make soon with the new alliances, new planes for the long range and then to keep the look in two directions, towards the west and the east at the same time it seems a bit difficult. Even for the relations between the US and China that make not seem to be the best.

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