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ZTE launches its first cybersecurity laboratory in Europe

The opening ceremony today in Rome

ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, has today verified its commitment to the ICT industry against cybersecurity threats by launching its first cybersecurity laboratory in Rome, Italy.  

Angelo Tofalo, Undersecretary of Defence, Flavia Marzano, Assessora for Roma Semplice, Zhong Hong, Chief Security Officer of ZTE and Li Bin, Minister Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy have attended the opening ceremony.

The establishment of the cybersecurity laboratory in Europe is an important measure for ZTE to promote transparency and enhance mutual trust with all third parties.

With the vision of “Security in DNA, Trust through Transparency”, ZTE is committed to providing customers with end-to-end security products and services, by integrating security considerations and controls into every aspect of the product's life cycle.  The cybersecurity laboratory aims to provide global customers, regulators and other stakeholders with security assessment and audit services, such as source code review on ZTE products including 4G and 5G, security design audit, procedural document review, black box testing and penetration testing.

Furthermore, the cybersecurity laboratory is also an industry cooperation and research platform, allowing the global ICT industry to conduct in-depth researches and explorations in the security field.

ZTE is committed to the security demands of customers and regulators, leveraging the platform of the cybersecurity lab for further transparency, cooperation and communication. Moving forward, the company will collaborate with world-class security organizations to jointly conduct security assessment, certification, training and consulting.

Confronted with the cybersecurity challenges in the 5G era, ZTE will continue to adhere to the company’s vision of ”Enabling Connectivity and Trust Everywhere” and bring trustworthy cybersecurity capabilities worldwide.

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