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Russian Coast Guard will employ drone airplanes

They'll be used to strengthen and speed up water patrol operations

The Russian Coast Guard will use drone planes on helicopter ships to patrol its territorial waters and its exclusive economic zone, according to the Coast Guard's head of border service department, Admiral Gennady Medvedev, in a interview with the Russian agency "Tass". "This will considerably enhance the ability of border guard units to timely assess the situation on the sea, identify legal violations and, if need be, deliver a special squad to the intruder ship and make it stop", Medvedev explained. Russia already uses in its arctic seas the "Polyarnaya Zvezda", a ship armed with helicopters and able to transport drones integrated with automatic water monitoring systems. Due to the several natural resources hidden under the ice, the Arctic is, in fact, the area where Russia is interested in the most and for which the icebreaker and helicopter carrier fleet available to the Kremlin's plans will grow in the coming years .

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