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Moscow's plan to expand 6 airports in the Far East of Russia

In the Chukotka region, rich in oil, gas, gold and tungsten

The head of the Department of Transport, Communications and Roads of the autonomous regional government of Chukotka has announced that within the framework of the State program for the development of the transport network, the renewal and expansion of six small airports are planned according to a work plan lasting four years, with a loan of approximately USD 240 million. More precisely, the infrastructures of Krest Bay, Beringovsky, Keperveyem, Providence Bay, Lavrenti Bay and Markovo will be interested.

The renovation will include new runways, more up-to-date radio and weather equipment, new buildings and new hangars, new emergency and medical emergency stations. The autonomous region of Chukotka, located in the Russian Far East near Alaska, has only about 50 urban settlements in 721,000 square kilometers of extension, in many cases accessible only by airplane. But it is of great importance if we consider its significant natural resources such as oil, gas, gold and tungsten.

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