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F-35 airplane crashed in Japan. "The pilot suffered from vertigo"

Necessary the flight data recorder

It would have been spatial disorientation and not a technical problem, according to the Japanese aeronautics, which caused the death of a pilot aboard an airplane F-35 stealth fighter during an exercise in April. The "Reuters" agency reported it. The plane, which was less than a year old and had just become operational, crashed 28 minutes after taking off in the Pacific Ocean, cutting water to over 1100 km/h. "It highly likely, we think, that the pilot was affected by spatial disorientation", that may have caused vertigo, or a loss of awareness of the spatial setup, Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya said in a briefing. "Spatial disorientation can affect any pilot regardless of his or her experience".

For the moment the evaluation expressed remains only a hypothesis, based on the indications received from the ground controllers, but not supported by the data of the flight recorder, which have not been recovered yet. The pilot had only communicated that he would have to interrupt the training mission, but without explaining what problem he was facing on the fifth-generation fighter and without trying to eject out of the aircraft.

DDB - 1222153

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