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Alitalia: Calenda "I would leave the aircraft on the ground and make it fail"

For ex-minister, Lotito is laughable. We'll throw away billions more ...

Strong statements that probably reflect the opinion of those Italians tired of financially supporting a "therapeutic obstinacy" that for decades has kept Alitalia alive, a long time no longer a flag company, those pronounced today by Carlo Calenda talking to the presenter Corrado Formigli to "Circo massimo" on "Radio Capital". The former Minister of Economic Development speaking of corporate crises, keeping the Government and the economy, on the subject Alitalia said: "They are crazy. And I also feel responsible. When we decided to give the bridge loan to bring it to the sale to Lufthansa that it was the only serious partner, we decided it because it would have cost a lot to make it go bankrupt, but seeing how things are going, going back I would leave the planes on the ground and make it go bankrupt. We'll throw away other EUR billions in a carrier that so in this way cannot be competitive. It is foolish to remain attached to the dream of the great flag company. But that train has passed. Already today the big flag companies have difficulty defending themselves against low-cost flights; the idea of being able to make it with Lotito is laughable. As well as the farce of talking about Atlantia, that first wanted to revoke the motorway concession in a quarter of an hour, a concession that is always there, and now they want to give it Alitalia. Boh ... ".

It is reported yesterday, as anticipated by AVIONEWS, the manifestation of interest for Alitalia advanced by the patron of Lazio Claudio Lotito, discussed, and unveiled  in the evening- at the summit of Government precisely yesterday (read AVIONEWS). An offer that sees in Lotito the fourth that closes the investor panel in the new-save Alitalia, together with Ferrovie dello Stato, Mef, and the US carrier Delta Air Lines. Also yesterday, Atlantia, the Benetton family holding company that controls Aeroporti di Roma and Autostrade, reiterated its total lack of interest in investing in the new company, limiting itself to an observer role in consideration of the importance of Alitalia for Aeroporti di Roma, manager of the Rome's airports company.

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