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Eurofighter aircraft collision (2): one of the two pilots dead

The other was recovered alive. Both had managed to eject

More detailed information about the collision in flight between two Eurofighter fighter planes of the German Air Force Luftwaffe, which took place today at 2pm local time in northern Germany, is gradually arriving. Both pilots had managed to eject, but while one, landed with a parachute in a tree, was recovered alive, for the other there was unfortunately nothing to make. The first rumors indicating the discovery of a Corpse have just been confirmed by the Ministry of Defense.

In two fighters of the TLG73 "Steinhoff" based in the military part of the Rostock-Laage airport they were engaged together with a third Eurofighter in an air combat simulation in the skies over Lake Drewitz, about 35 km from Gustrow, in Mecklenburg- Pomerania. Two of the three airplanes touched each other in flight and crashed (certainly one in flames) touching the ground at about 10 kilometers away from each other, in a wooded but partially inhabited area, triggering two fires in the crash which shut down. required the commitment of several fire teams. The first pilot was rescued almost immediately. In the latter's research, however, aircraft and helicopters were engaged. "The pilot of the third fighter-Luftwaff had reported-observed the collision from the sky and reported that two parachutes fell to the ground".

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