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Iran, Rouhani: "Trump restores Jcpoa and we'll do it too"

From 7 July the amount of enriched uranium will increase further

"We advise Europe and the United States to re-adopt a rational approach and return to negotiating table. If other parties respect to their commitments, Iran will quickly return to terms of the agreements", said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. The Islamic Republic has recently exceeded the limit of stocks of enriched uranium established in 2015 by nuclear Treaty (JCPOA). Iran has not violated the treaty, declared Tehran Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in recent days. "Everyone must act on the basis of the joint action plan", said Rouhani, who then remind that from 7 July, when it will be passed a year and 60 days after Donald Trump's withdrawal from the agreement, Iran will enrich uranium according to his needs.

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