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USA display planes and tanks for July 4th

A great celebration of America thinked by Trump

Donald Trump organized a military parade with airplanes, tanks and armored vehicles for the 4th of July American Independence Day party. The military exhibition was demanded personally by the president: it will be joined to the traditional events, the parade along the National Mall, a concert in front of Capitol Hill and fireworks accompanied by the National Symphony. Trump was stunned from the Bastille party he admired with French president Emmanuel Macron. Thousands of soldiers paraded with dozens of tanks along the Champs-Élysées. Fighters planes will fly together with the Air Force One, while the anthems of all the US military will be played on the ground. He called it on Twitter the show of a lifetime. Trump will speak from the podium, the head of the interim Pentagon Mark Esper and the joint Chief of Staff Joseph Dunford, the highest ranking officer, there will be with him. Also the celebration of July 4th wanted by "The Donald" did provoke controversy, due to the cost of the organization (over 90 million dollars) and the accusations of political exploitation of the armed forces.

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