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Alitalia: promises, words but nothing done

Di Maio for July 15 the party of the definition of the carrier?

Does Luigi Di Maio have the ability to govern complex situations? Many people ask themselves this question. His promises to build a group of entrepreneurs to save Alitalia still do not bring tangible results. For next July 15 he promised to find the square. After yesterday's meeting between the government and the unions -very disappointing according to the statement of those present- concerns about the destiny of the carrier are increasing. The unions confirm the strike next July 26. The continuous reduction of the cash advises against the possibility of a fifth extension to Fs to find investors. In addition to 35% by Fs, 15% by the Mef (conversion into equity of the interest on the loan of 900 million), and 10% by Delta, the remaining 40% is to be found. The names are always the same: Claudio Lotito, who however did not provide any information on the capital he would put in; the Colombian German Efromovich who, apparently, would put cash into tax havens; the Carlo Toto Group, according to Medio Banca advisor, has a certainty of 200 million after the sale of wind farms in the USA.

The aggregation of all these subjects makes a consortium not very credible also because it could hardly reach 700-800 million of capital. If we consider that the State loan of 900 million (plus interest) is almost finished, and certainly did not heal the Alitalia company, it would be nice if someone could explain how you can restore and raise with a smaller amount. The lack of the business plan creates anxiety and certainly does not reassure. How will Di Maio succeed in giving credible answers to these doubts in 10 days? We hope that he has an ace up his sleeve and will free the table from any doubts.

The secretary of CGIL Trasporti, Fabrizio Cuscito, declared to AVIONEWS: "Yesterday's meeting was useless. We didn't hear any news. We don't see a business plan yet. We will not accept redundancies or pay cuts". Antonio Amoroso by Cub union expressed himself in the same terms, adding also a strong disappointment and great concern for the serious risk of the company downsizing.

It is easy to foresee that hard comparison times are approaching.

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