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Small drone helicopter enters service with Armed forces of different Countries

The "Black Hornet" by Flir Systems weighs about two hectograms -VIDEO

The "Black Hornet" drone by the American Flir Systems is a kind of tiny combat helicopter that is entering service with the Armed forces of several Western countries. The UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, an aircraft without pilot at remote-control, which weighs about two hectograms, is not in itself a weapon. Its role is that of advanced reconnaissance, especially during urban clashes.

Its performance is not particularly striking: the range does not exceed two kilometers, the maximum cruising speed is 20 km per hour and the battery life is limited to twenty-five minutes. On the other hand it is quiet, almost invisible and at low speeds so manoeuvrable that it can be used to go ahead even inside buildings in enemy hands - all while transmitting real-time images of possible ambushes and other dangers to the controller remotely.

As its characteristics suggest, the "Black Hornet" was designed primarily to assist ground troops during the assault on city targets, where distances are short and constructions hinder the intervention of traditional helicopters and armored vehicles. According to the emerging military doctrine in the advanced countries, the metropolises - much more so than the rural areas of the recent past- will be the scene of the most important battles.

It is probably inevitable that, following the evolution of the major military drones, the future descendants of the war hornet will not only be passive scouts, but real flying ammunition, capable not only of "seeing" the target but of chasing it up for the stairs or down in the cellar.

Below, the video:

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