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Planes. Delhi wants back the Su-57. Ready to reconsider cooperation with Moscow

For a joint production, or for the purchase

New Delhi is ready to reconsider its cooperation with Moscow for the joint production or purchase of the Su-57 Russian fifth generation fighter, after the model has been commissioned and tested by the Russian Army. Birender Singh Dhanoa, of the Indian Air Force, declared it to "Krasnaya Zvezda" the Russian magazine, and he added: "India will take a decision on the jet after seeing it in action in Russia, and after Moscow has presented the new aircraft in New Delhi". The first of these fighters also known as PAK FA or T-50 will enter service in Russia by the end of the year, while the second will be completed in 2020.

The Russian State company Rostec, in the name of its Director for International Cooperation and Regional Policy Viktor Kladov, had informed last February about India's strong interest in the model. And the interest by foreign buyers towards this airplane confirms that the mass production of this modern multi-role fighter should begin as soon as possible. At this time, Anatoly Punchuk, deputy director of the Russian Federal Military Technical Cooperation Service (FSMTC), said that Russia is ready to cooperate with India on a fighter jet based on Su-57 technology, recalling however that "the decision to temporarily suspend the project was taken by India".

The Su-57 is a single-seater multirole fighter with stealth features developed by Sukhoi for the Russian Air Force. The Su-57 name was given to it in August 2017. India should participate in the development of the two-seat Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) variant. The plane is intended to replace the MiG-29 Fulcrum and the Su-27 Flankers, and to confront US rivals F-22, F-35 and the Chinese Chengdu J-20.

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