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NordWind aircraft aborts takeoff with about 180 on board

At the Moscow-Sheremetyevo airport: passengers and crew evacuated; wounded

It happened at 00:45 this morning on July 19, when the commander of a B-737 aircraft of the NordWind Airline company bound for Yerevan had to interrupt the take-off run on the runway of the Moscow-Sheremetyevo airport, when the cabin was invaded by an acrid smell of burning. Activated as usual the emergency measures, the 173 passengers and six crewmembers were evacuated through the slides. It is in the excitement of this phase that eight people were slightly injured, for two of which although not serious (a sprained ankle and a hypertensive emergency), it was necessary to control in the hospital.

The passengers were then unharmed on another flight. The federal agency for national air transport, Rosaviatsia, ordered a commission of inquiry that would have already come to the conclusion that no fire had developed on board, but that the pilot's decision to abort take-off was nevertheless justified. The smell of burning would have been given off by a liquid that is usually used for washing engines, which once overheated would have caused the penetrating odor which then entered the ventilation system. The carrier stated that of the 173 passengers, 11 were children. And that of the total 28 people, including the two patients, have decided to give up the trip.

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