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Israel: "invisible" fighters in Iran and new "Arrow-3" missile tests

Hard blow to Tehran who does not give up. Arrival of a new ship from the UK - VIDEO

It was released only last Friday on July 26 thanks to some Iranian officials who made secret revelations to the Arab press, the news that in 2018 Israeli F-35 "Adir" fighters penetrated several times in Iranian airspace without that no one was aware of it: the suspicion is that the Israelis have developed technologies capable of evading the radar system.

The F-35s would fly several times over Tehran, Karajrak, Isfahan, Shiraz and Bandar Abbas with the aim of photographing the anti-air defense structures of the Nation. For this reason, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei expelled the head of the Air Force Farzad Ismaili, who had tried to hide the news in March 2018. Earlier this month the president of the Iranian parliamentary national security and foreign policy committee  Mojtaba Zolnour  said in an interview that if the United States were to attack Iran, Israel would be completely destroyed within half an hour . In response, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Tehran that he was within range of the Tel Aviv fighters.

The undisturbed penetration of the fighters is therefore a blow to Iran that has "provoked" the United States with, for example, the opening of bases in Iraq, Yemen and Syria, the launching-test of ballistic missiles "Shahab-3 "medium range, and attacks on foreign oil tankers in the Persian Gulf. In this regard, on Sunday 28 July, the United Kingdom  announced the sending of another warship called "Duncan". to the Gulf  to protect civilian ships.  For the President Hassan Rohani "the presence of foreign forces will not bring security, but on the contrary will increase tensions in the Persian Gulf region".

Despite the conditions suggesting Iran to take a step back, Tehran has announced its intention to restart Arak's heavy water plant capable of producing plutonium . All this while the negotiations with the Europeans resume in Vienna in an attempt to save the nuclear agreement.

Meanwhile, the State of Israel is intensifying its military raids and is preparing for a possible attack on Iran along the border with Lebanon and Syria. Also on Sunday it announced that it had secretly conducted three tests of the "Arrow-3" missile in Alaska in collaboration with the US. Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu added: "Israel now has the capacity to act against ballistic missiles that can be launched from Iran or other locations. Our enemies know that we will have the upper hand over them, both in defense and in attack". Donald Trump praised the success of the test and said: "The result -is amazing. We are very proud of our cooperation with Israel”.

Below, the video of the "Arrow-3" test:

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